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Weekly Church Bulletin

Visitors are always welcome at
Grace Bible Fellowship.
We trust you will feel a warm
welcome & stay for a cup of coffee.

JANUARY 26, 2020


Events of the Church

 Worshipping Through Song

Hear Our Praises

I Love to Tell the Story

I Worship You

Refiner’s Fire

Praises & Petitions


 Worshipping Through the Word

John 20:19-31 (Alice J)

 (Page 1085-1086 - Church Bible)

 Pastor Keith’s Message

The “I”s” have it!


~ Worship Team ~

Worship Coordinator Please remember to contact Dan & Emma Meyer about any special presentations or elements for inclusion in the worship service.  Please give as much advance notice as possible!

They may be contacted at (715) 292-2608 or


Operation Christmas Child

1,034 Boxes

A HUGE Thank You to Everyone that participated in 2019.


OCC Item Collection begins (April-October) – Will you help to collect items for the boxes each month.  These items will be used at our packing parties in November.

(No Liquid Please)

Month of AprilHYGIENE (toothbrushes, wash clothes, combs, bar soap, hair decorations, etc.

Month of MayOlder Boys and Girls (tools, kitchen items, soccer balls and pumps, etc.)

Month of JuneCrafts and Accessories

Month of JulyToys, Dolls, Stuffed Animals, etc.

Month of AugustSchool Supplies (pencils, snub nose scissors, paper, small rulers, colored pencils, etc.

Month of SeptemberClothing

Month of OctoberFill-In Items (i.e. regular or collapsible water bottles, plastic cups, bowl, plate, eating utensils, watch, tote bags, cloth reusable shopping bag - line box with it, sewing kit, homemade drawstring bags, headlamps, solar-powered flashlight, rubber potholders & cooking spatula/spoons, plastic drop cloth (for older kids - can be used for ground cover, shade, cover things to keep dry, etc.), work gloves. candy, sharpies (with a sharpie, older kids can decorate anything), bicycle repair kit, soccer ball (deflated), ball pump, pump needles, little doll with blanket, some brown-skinned dolls, hacky-sacks, Inflatable globes or balls, old navy bouncy balls, toy toolkit or doctor kit, harmonica, mini etch-a-sketch, tennis ball, jump rope, slinky, cars, ribbon, nail stickers, fun duct tape in different colors, travel games, bracelets, noisemakers, etc.)

Month of November:  Bring your boxes or Come help fill boxes at packing parties.


November is Packing Party Month


Collection Week

Sunday, November, 2020 (12:30-2:30 PM)

Monday, November, 2020 (8:30-10:30 AM) (Shipping Day)


957 Boxes

A HUGE Thank You to Everyone that participated in 2018.



Sun.  9:00 am - Sunday School (@GBF)

Sun. 4:00-6:00 pm - Youth Group

If interested contact Leah Lauren (

Mon 5:15 pm - Bible Study - Led by John & Val Tomkin (@ GBF) [starts 9/16/19 for 10 wks]

Tues. 6:00 am - Ashland Men’s Study (@ Burger King)

Wed. 8-9:15 am - Men’s Bible Study (@ GBF)

Wed. 6:30 pm - Worship Team Practice

Wed. 1:00 pm - JOY Group - Led by Leo Dallaire (@ GBF) (Jan-Apr) & (Sept-Dec)

If interested contact Leo (715) 823-1054

Thurs. 6:30-8pm Women's Group - Led by Mauricette (@ Cherylann's home).

If interested contact Mauricette (715) 373-0164 or Cherylann (715) 373-1062

Fri. 10:00 am - Women's Bible Study - Led by Valerie Tomkins [starts 9/13/19 for 10 wks]

If interested contact Valerie (715) 372-4543

Sat. 7:30 am (1st Sat. of mo.) - Women of Grace Breakfast – (see bulletin or Click on Ministries Tab)

Life Groups (see listing to the left of this posting)

~ Life Groups ~

Chris & Toshiko Brinker (Washburn)

After Church Services

Steve & Donna Linton (Bayfield)

4 PM Sunday's

Gary & Barb Pennington (Ashland)

6:30 PM Monday's

Upcoming Events

Annual Meeting – Sunday, Jan 26th following the service.  The nominating committee has nominated for council: Chairman Gary Pennington and Secretary Val Tomkins.

Attn. Ladies: If you would like to be a Secret Sister in 2020 and haven't signed up yet. Pick up a form on the information counter, fill it out & return to Marilyn Jaeger Sunday, Jan 26th (This is for young, and not-as-young ladies!)

Church Membership Class - Is  Sunday, January 26th followed by Sunday,  Feb 9th all starting at 6:30 PM.  Each session is 1 hour in length.

JOY Group – Wednesday, Jan 29th.  New Series “Understanding the Times”.

New Women’s Bible Study – Will be starting Friday, Jan 31st at Val Tomkins Home @ 10:00 AM.  The study is by Pastor John Ortberg “Soul Keeping”.  The soul is the most important part of you.  There are books and they cost $15.  Let Val know if you can join her in the study (715) 372-4543. Books will need to ordered by Jan 15th.

[Guys] – No Regret Men’s Conference – Is Saturday, Feb 1, 2020 at Salem Baptist Church in Ashland.   Cost is $20 at the door.

You can register online at and see Tom or Rod Lauren for more details.

Women’s Breakfast – Saturday, Feb 1st at 7:30 AM (TBD)

Baby Shower – For Sarah Beebe has been rescheduled for Saturday, Feb 8th at GBF (2:00 PM).

End of Year Giving Statements - Were generated and emailed through Breeze. If you did not receive a statement and/or would like a paper copy please call (802) 522-0754, text or email Cara Croteau (financial secretary).

A BIG THANK YOU to all who came to Pregnancy Care Center Open House last Sunday.

We still need volunteers!

Adding Events – Please let the Church Secretary (Deb) know if you add an event to the Breeze Calendar; so, she can update the other calendars.

Library - There are Books, Christian audio dramas on CDs for the young, young at heart, and history lovers.

  • Church Library is in Room 2 at GBF

Lost & Found – Please go through the lost and found container in the welcoming room.


Online giving is now available through the GBF Breeze Church App. Contact Gary Pennington, Cara Croteau, or Emma Meyer if you have questions.

~ Announcement(s) ~

Need Volunteer(s)

ABC Thrift Store in the store front. Marilyn Jaeger can help you. Shifts are 3 hrs and working even 1-2 shifts a month helps (And no, you don’t have to be a Senior to volunteer.)

Make a Difference with The BRICK - Reach out to The BRICK today to explore a wide array of volunteer opportunities suitable for any skill set. Interested individuals can contact our Office Manager, Cheyanne Reeves at: or (715) 682-7425 ex. 102.

Prayer Chain - "If you would like to be on our Church Email Prayer Chain, or need to come off the list for some reason, please see Marilyn Jaeger as the list is being updated. Those who don't have email and would like prayer notices, let her know and she will find volunteers to call you." (715-373-5663 or

Church Directory – If you are interested in being included in the GBF directory; please fill out a form on the back table in the gathering room and give to Deb or put in the church office.

All photos are needed ASAP.

Weekly Assignments



Lead:  Steve Meyer

   Rusty Abel

          Chris Brinker

Dale Brevak


Scripture Readers:

5th No Scripture

12th No Scripture

19th Brendon Shields

26th Alice Johnson

* Sub: MJ Weaver

Hospitality / Kitchen:

Chair:   Mauricette Keeley

     Terry Frostman

     Brinker Family

            Karen Johnson

Nursery:                 5th  Brittany/Talia;  12th Esther/Hana; 19th Elaine/Amelia; 26thJoe/Sophie       *Sub:  Karen Thomas

Children's Church:    5th       ;  12th       ; 19th      ; 26th                                                                     *Sub:  Karen Thomas

Greeters:                 5th Peggy H;  12th Lynn B;  19tFulweber’s;  26th Leo D                       *Subs:  Paul Johnson or Lynne Borcher

Farewellers:            5th  Folsom’s; 12th Compton’s; 19th Von Riedel’s  ;26th Jaeger’s                     *Subs:  Paul Johnson


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