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MARCH 18, 2018

Call to Worship

Whom Shall I Fear

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How Great Thou Art

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Refiner’s Fire

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Worshipping Through the Word




Worship Coordinator Please remember to contact Dan & Emma Meyer about any special presentations or elements for inclusion in the worship service.  Please give as much advance notice as possible!

~ Life Groups at Grace Bible Fellowship ~

A place to connect, know, and serve each other persistently, as well as grow in our relationship with God and other believers in a protected environment through direct involvement with the truth of the Bible and fellowship in Christ.

If interested, please call one of the people below:


Joe & Christine See

7 Grove Boulevard

Washburn, WI  54891

(715) 209-1594

4 PM Sundays


Rusty & Linsey Abel

712 Hillside Drive

Washburn, WI  54891

(215) 970-8767

7 PM Thursdays


Chris & Toshiko Brinker

Grace Bible Fellowship

73605 St Hwy 13

Washburn, WI  54891

(715) 372-5907

After Church Sundays


Gary & Barb Pennington

2300 Maple Lane

Ashland, WI  54806

(715) 209-2295

6:30 PM Mondays


Dan & Emma Meyer

617 11th Ave W

Ashland, WI  54806

(715) 292-2608

6:30 PM Tuesdays


Steve & Donna Linton

34590 Bay View Rd

Bayfield, WI  54891

(715) 913-0033

4:00 PM Sundays


Sun.  8:45 am - Sunday School (@GBF)

Tues. 6:00 am - Ashland Men’s Study (@ Burger King)

Wed. 7:00 am - Elders Meeting (every other week)

Wed. 8-9:15 am - Men’s Bible Study (@ GBF)

Wed. 1:00 pm - Senior Life Together Group (@ GBF) [until June 28th]

Wed. 6:30 pm - Worship Team Practice

Thurs. 9:30-11:30 am - Women's Bible Study - Led by Tina Miller (@GBF)

Thurs. 6:30-8pm Women's Group - Led by Mauricette (@ Cherylann's home)

Sat. 7:30 am (1st Sat. of mo.) - Women of Grace Breakfast – (TBD)

Sat. 7:30 am (2nd & 4th Sat. of mo.) - Women's Prayer Meeting


Email Address – Please note the church has a new email:

Daylight Savings Time – Sunday, March 11th

Leadership Council – Sunday, March 18th after services.

Taste of Grace – Reschedule for Monday March 19th.

Sign-up sheets are on the back table.

Spring BeginsTuesday, March 20th

There is Always a Springtime.  After the winter comes the spring. To show us again that in everything there’s always renewal divinely planned, flawlessly perfect, the work of God’s Hand…..and just like the seasons that come and go when the flowers of spring lie buried in snow, God sends to the heart in its winter sadness a springtime awakening, of new hope and gladness!

Women’s Spring Bible Study – A seven-week study will begin Thursday, March 22nd (9:30-11:30 AM) led by Tina Miller.  Contact Tina to reserve your book (715) 685-9755 cost is $13.00.

Directory – Paul Johnson is coordinating the publishing on a new church directory.   If you have information that needs updating, need a picture, or if you want to be included in the new directory; please contact him either directly or through the church office.

Easter Season

The world has made Easter into a Spring holiday with “Easter Egg Hunts” and gifts of candy, but the real Easter story is revealed in the Gospel account of John. The book of John begins with Jesus as an adult and focus on what he said and did leading up to his “sacrificial” mission to save us from our sins.

Although Jesus allowed himself to be killed by the religious and political leaders of his time on Good Friday, he miraculously came back to life three days later on Easter. His victory over death, evidenced by the empty tomb, ensures that everyone who believes in him receives the ultimate gift—eternal life!

Palm Sunday – March 25th

Good Friday – March 30th  (at 6:00 PM)

Easter Sunday – April 1st

Compassion Sunday – Will be held Sunday, April 29th.  If anyone is interested in helping out please contact Brendon Shields (715) 292-5680.

Directory – Paul Johnson is coordinating the publishing on a new church directory.   If you have information that needs updating, need a picture, or if you want to be included in the new directory; please contact him either directly or through the church office.

Ark Trip – We have secured enough participants for the bus trip in June to visit the Ark and Creation Museum; AND there are still plenty of seats available, so if you are interested or know someone who is interested contact Jet Travel directly and/or talk with Pastor Keith.

Life Groups have Started – Information is available on Facebook and our website (look left of this column).



The BRICK – is seeking VOLUNTEERS to help at the Ashland location.  If you have a few hours a week and want to make a real impact in our community, PLEASE CALL The BRICK’s Office Manager Kris Westlund at 715-682-7425.

Prayer Chain - "If you would like to be on our Church Email Prayer Chain, or need to come off the list for some reason, please see Marilyn Jaeger as the list is being updated.  Those who don't have email and would like prayer notices, let her know and she will find volunteers to call you."  (715-373-5663 or

Church Directory – If you are interested in being included in the GBF directory; please fill out a form on the back table in the gathering room and give to Deb or put in the church office.

If you sign up for the directory—please submit a photo to the church.

If your family photos need updating—please submit a recent photo to the church.

All photos are needed ASAP.

Weekly Assignments

Month of: MARCH


Lead:  Tom Riemer

Gary Pennington

Jon Piff

Jerry Piff


Scripture Readers:

4th   No Scripture

11th  Steve Meyer

18th   Annette Meyer

25th  Emmer Shields

* Sub:  MJ Weaver




Dan and Emma Meyer are Worship and Technical Coordinators for this ministry.

They may be contacted at (715) 292-2608 or

Hospitality / Kitchen:

Chair:  MJ Weaver

Barb Pennington

Angie Vik

       Bernice Carter


7th   Brittany Schulte & Sophie

14th  Christine See & Cora

21st   Amy Vik & Hana

28th  Joe See & Talia




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